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Eclipse Funfest: Saturday, March 2

The Hillsboro City Library has recently been awarded the Jay M. Pasachoff Solar Eclipse Mini-Grant from the American Astronomical Society. Of the 152 proposals made nationwide, the Hillsboro City Library’s application was one of only 35 proposals to receive this prestigious funding. This recognition will help the library promote scientific curiosity through educational community outreach opportunities.

The Hillsboro City Library will be utilizing the awarded grant funds to organize an eclipse themed carnival. The Library’s Eclipse Funfest is scheduled for Saturday, March 2 from noon to 6pm at Hillsboro’s Historic City Hall located at 127 East Franklin Street. This event promises to be an engaging and immersive experience for all ages.

One of the highlights of the carnival is the inclusion of a mobile planetarium from Stars and Science Austin, that will provide carnival goers with a unique opportunity to explore the cosmos. Renowned children’s entertainer Brett Roberts will add a touch of magic to the event with his captivating space-themed magic show, ensuring a blend of education and entertainment.

To enhance the carnival atmosphere, attendees will be able to indulge in free food, such as hotdogs, popcorn, lemonade, and other snacks courtesy of the Friends of the Hillsboro City Library. To further add educational value, the library will be giving away free space and eclipse themed books to all who attend. Families can stretch their artistic muscles with a number of solar eclipse themed crafts, including creating their very own pinhole eclipse viewer.

The Lunar and Planetary Institute will be providing a 3-D educational display, The Moon: Cosmic Decoder Ring. This display informs visitors about how scientists use craters on the Moon’s surface to understand the other planets in our solar system. Amateur astronomers will be on hand to discuss how a solar eclipse occurs, and the library will have hands-on opportunities to view the sun through a solar telescope, sunoculars, and a sunspotter.

In light of the upcoming solar eclipse on April 8, the library will be distributing complimentary solar eclipse glasses to all Eclipse Funfest attendees, allowing everyone to safely witness this rare celestial event.

The Eclipse Funfest is poised to be a community-wide celebration, bringing together science enthusiasts, families and curious minds for an unforgettable day of scientific discovery. You will not want to miss this free, family-friendly opportunity to engage with science.

If you are an area teen looking for a volunteer opportunity, please reach out to the Library’s Youth Services Department for information on how to get involved with the Eclipse Funfest. The Hillsboro City Library can be reached in person at 118 South Waco Street, by phone at 254-582-7385, or online at

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