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Youth Services

The Youth Services Department at the Hillsboro City Library offers many educational programs, technology, literature, and resources for children of all ages. The library offers storytimes, robotics, college prep materials and more to assist children and families learn, grow and develop together. 


The Philotechnos Children’s Library was made possible in 2013 through a generous donation by the Philotechnos Club.

The Philotechnos Club was organized on November 25, 1947 by mothers who felt that they could improve the community and enrich the lives of their children more fully if they worked as a group.

The name “Philotechnos,” is derived from two Greek words meaning “child loving” or “love of child.”

The organization grew from fifteen to thirty-five members and included a program of activity consisting of child-study programs, the maintenance and operation of a kindergarten for four and five year olds, and civic activity to promote the welfare of all children in the community.

My First Book

Literacy begins at birth. The Hillsboro City Library offers a wide range of early learning programs that are designed to assist your little learner's development. Programs like storytime, toddler playdates, 1000 Books Before Kindergarten, Family Place and more are at the library to help your child develop the social and reading skills they need to succeed in school.

Happy Circle

In order to encourage lifelong learning, HCL has a number of resources and programs tailored to the interest of school age children. These tools and activities create the opportunity for your child to learn about the things they already love, and maybe discover a few more interests along the way.

Girls in the Library

The library provides educational 

and entertainment resources along with programs for teens that encourage lifelong learning and promote skill development to prepare your teen for college and career. At HCL, teens have access to technology, space, activities and more. Interested teens are encourage to stop by the Youth Services Department to see everything the library has to offer. 

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