Hillsboro City Library's Policies

Safe Child Policy

For everyone’s safety, children should never be left unsupervised in any area of the library. During library programs, children may attend on their own, but a parent/caregiver must remain in the library, or the facility where a library event is taking place, in the event of an emergency. If children are left unattended, staff may contact the proper authorities. 

Hot Spot Lending Policy

In order to checkout Mobile Hotspots, patrons of the Hillsboro City Library must agree to and sign the Hillsboro City Library Hotspot Lending Policy, which can be found below.

In addition, a patron must have a library card in good standing for at least three months in order to check out a hotspot device.

Patrons must also sign the form stating that "All items listed on the lid of the hotspot box were in the box when I checked it out of the library" each time a hotspot device is checked out.


Hotspot Lending Policy:


I agree to comply with all of the following conditions:

I ___________________________________ (Print Full Name) agree to comply with all state and federal laws and the Hillsboro City Library Internet Acceptable use Policy (available upon request).

I understand that any material downloaded or otherwise obtained through the use of the Hotspot is accessed at my own discretion and risk. The Hillsboro City Library and City of Hillsboro do not control and are not responsible for any third-party websites, content, services or products that I may access or encounter during use of the Hotspot.

I will not violate any state or federal statue including those regarding obscenity, pornography, and the delivery of any such material to minors.

I acknowledge that the Internet and wireless communications are not inherently secure means of data communication and the Hillsboro City Library and City of Hillsboro shall have no liability for breaches of security beyond their reasonable control, including, without limitation, my negligence with respect to controlling access to the Service or my data. It is the sole responsibility of myself to obtain and implement appropriate security devices, software, and other measures (including without limitation firewalls) to protect my systems and data from viruses, worms, Trojan horses, or other security threats, and the Hillsboro City Library and City of Hillsboro have no responsibility or liability with regard thereto.

I understand that the Hotspot device comes with a built in filtering tool to block sites or content determined to be inappropriate in accordance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA). I understand that the content filtering tool is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate and can only filter pages accessed via the provider’s network (it does not filter emails, SMS, MMS, applications or anything else not accessed through a web browser). The content filtering tool does not work if the Hotspot is roaming or using WiFi. I agree that the Hillsboro City Library and City of Hillsboro have no responsibility or liability with regard thereto.

I understand and accept that my failure to comply with this Hillsboro City Library Hotspot Lending Policy may result in the suspension of my Hotspot borrowing privileges or other appropriate legal action.

I understand that if I lose or damage the device, the replacement cost will be $124.95. Hotspots are checked out for a period of 14 days. The daily late fee will be $1.00 a day. I understand that service to the hotspot device will be turned off should it become overdue. I understand that the hotspot device shall NOT be returned via the book drop, but must be returned at the main circulation desk. I understand that returning the hotspot via the book drop will result in a $2.00 penalty.


_______________________________________________                                      __________________

Printed Name                                                                                                              Date



_______________________________________________                         _____­­­­_________________________

Signature                                                                                                         Library Card Number

Inter Library Loan Policy

The Hillsboro City Library provides a free Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service for patrons. If an item is not in our collection and it can be located from another library we can attempt to borrow it. Simply make your request with a staff member at the circulation desk.


After the loan is requested through our online system it can take a week to 10 days to receive the item. The items arrive by mail. This free service is for patrons in good standing. We have a limit of three items borrowed at one time per family. An adult patron must borrow items for a child. We MUST have good contact information for the patron, phone and email.

Our library respects all restrictions placed on materials by the lending library. ILL relies on consideration and goodwill between libraries. When ILL materials are not returned promptly, it reflects poorly on the borrowing library and some lenders may stop lending materials to the offending library.

The checkout time varies by the lending library. Some may offer a month and while others only offer a two week checkout. When the book arrives at the Hillsboro City Library it will be checked out on your account and you will be notified by phone.

If the item is not picked up in a reasonable amount of time from our library, we will attempt contacting the patron again. If the item is not picked up after the patron has been notified and becomes overdue, the book will be returned. The account will be duly noted.

If more time is needed for an interlibrary loan, we can request an extension through our lending system online. A renewal MUST be requested before the due date. A renewal is not automatic. The lending library must agree to renewing the item and the due date is approved by them. The Hillsboro City Library will contact the patron with the new due date. Some items are not renewable.

We do not borrow textbooks. We do not order children’s media materials.

Items that are difficult to obtain are:

  • Recently published books (less than 6 months old)

  • Entire volumes or issue of periodicals

  • Reference works 

  • Rare books or original manuscripts

  • Audiobooks, video, DVD’s

  • Some doctoral dissertations and master theses

  • Genealogy materials

  • Some microfilm is available, but usually involves a lengthy wait due to availability

The patron is responsible for all fees that are charged by the lending library due to damage or loss. Unpaid fines and fees will go on a customer’s library record and if not resolved will result in the loss of borrowing privileges. Patrons must be careful to return all ILL materials on time with any identifying labels. PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE BANDS, COVERS, LABELS, ETC.

ILL is a special free service the Hillsboro City Library is able to offer to patrons. It has unique procedures and guidelines that our library and patrons must follow. If patrons have any questions about this service, they are encouraged to contact the Hillsboro City Library for additional information.

Photography Notice

The Hillsboro City Library routinely takes photos and video of participants and visitors in our programs and facilities for promotional purposes. Be aware that by participating or utilizing our facilities, you are granting the City of Hillsboro and its agents the right to use and publish your image or your minor child’s image, and that no monetary remuneration will be given.

Meeting Room Policy

Rules and Regulations

  1. The meeting room may be used only during regular library hours. Any exception would have to be made by the Library Director. The group will be charged for staff’s overtime salary if any meeting lasts past regular library hours.

  2. Reservations must be made at least seven (7) days prior to the event. Reservations can be made by contacting library staff at (254) 582 – 7385.

  3. No smoking will be allowed in the building at any time.

  4. No alcoholic beverages will be allowed in the building.

  5. No fee will be charged for the use of the room. However, if there is any damage to the room or any need for cleaning, the cost will be forwarded to the user.

  6. The meeting room MAY NOT be used for the following activities:

    1. Religious Gatherings

    2. Meeting with sales involved

    3. Political Gatherings

    4. Family Reunions

    5. Birthday Parties

  7. Donations to the library are accepted.

Privacy Policy

Please see the City of Hillsboro's website.

Acceptable Use Policy

Please see the City of Hillsboro's website.

Book Donation Policy

The Hillsboro City Library happily accepts donations of gently used books and movies. Once an item is donated to the library it is at the discretion of the library's collection development team if the book is of an appropriate nature and physical condition to be placed in the library's collection. Donated books that are not placed in the library collection will be placed on sale on the library's back porch. Proceeds of book sales go to the Friends of the Hillsboro City Library to support library programming. 

Items We Accept:

  • Children's Fiction and Non-Fiction Books

  • Adult Fiction and Non-Fiction Books

  • DVD's

  • Blu-Ray Disks

Items We DO NOT Accept:

  • Any item that is dirty, musty, mildewed, or otherwise in poor condition

  • Textbooks or School Workbooks of any kind.

  • Dictionaries

  • Encyclopedias of any type regardless of publication date

  • Thesauri

  • VHS Tapes

  • Cassette Tapes

Staff members will not assign a value to donations but will offer individuals a receipt including the date, name of the donor, and number and type of items donated. The staff will be unable to send letters of appreciation except under special circumstances such as a special collection.