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Simplye Instructions

  1. Install the SimplyE app from your device’s app store. The app is free to download. (If you see New York Public Library, that’s the right one. NYPL first developed the app.)

  2. Once installed, go to menu and then settings Click the Plus in the upper right corner. Scroll down to find Hillsboro City Library. Select Hillsboro City Library again. Input your library card number. Your pin is your phone number. 

  3. Now browse back to Catalog. You should see a wide selection of popular books, bestsellers and classics to check out!

  4. The SimplyE Collection contains public domain books that anyone can access, even without a library card. 


Feel free to drop by the library's circulation desk for additional assistance.

SimplyE was made available to patrons of the Hillsboro City Library through a grant via the Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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